We will quilt your pieces of any size-- large or small!  Use this easy calculator to receive a price estimate.

Width (inches) x Length (inches) x .02= Price!

Example (twin quilt):

63x87x.02= $109.62

You can use this easy pricing guide for quilts of any size, wall hangings, and even partially completed quilts (enter only the dimensions of what you need quilted).

Note: Customer provides quilt backing and batting, which are not included in the price.  Thread does not have to be provided.  We can provide these elements, if you wish, at cost.

Extra Services:

Quilt binding/finishing is $20.00 for a wall hanging, $30.00 for a twin/full, and $40.00 for a queen/king.  Quilt finishing is done upon request, only.

At special request, we provide extra seaming for quilt backing for a $10 extra fee.

We can do any custom work, but pricing will be individual.  Call for more information today!